My name is Debbie from Pretty Whimsical located in Edmonton, Canada.


Pretty Whimsical is a different kind of bath and body company handmade with fun in mind.


My Mission: Bath time shouldn't be boring!


Pretty Whimsical puts the fun, eclectic, and exciting vibes in your bath with my creative collection of quirky characters, shapes, and unique bath products.


BUTT wait there's more...


If you want to look behind the curtain:


I have an X-rated collection called Pretty Rude that specializes in the art of expression of lewd nature aka a lotta butts, boobs, dongs, and vajayjay. Plus some colorful language ones if you want to give the gift of not giving a f*ck.

I even offer custom bath bombs and body products that I can create and design just for your store.


From kid bath bombs, relaxing bath bombs, and bath bombs that make you feel dirty while getting clean, shower steamers, soaps, butters, and more skincare for all your bathery needs!


No, bathery is not a word but this isn't about words—it's about offering amazing products for your customers!


Thank you for supporting my small business, 



Aka the connoisseur of fizzing genitalia