Returns and Shipping


Processing times may vary between same day up to 7 business days as all products are handmade. When you buy from Pretty Whimsical, you support a small business and large orders may cause a delay in processing. Shipping times will depend on shipping location and may take up to 2 weeks for international shipping. Shipping times may be altered should it be deemed necessary.

Returns & Refunds:

Shipping, handling, humidity, and temperature can affect the condition in which products are received. Products which have sustained cracks, dents, or dust due to shipping still usable and performance of the product will not be affected. As such, Pretty Whimsical will not replace products unless they arrive in a condition that completely affects overall use.

Special Orders:

If your order is required for a special occasion or by a certain date, message us or leave a note at check out. We will attempt to process and ship your order to meet your deadline. Please note that this does not ensure that will be able to reach your deadline as all of our products are handmade.


If you have any questions regarding our policies please contact